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Tekhni Hipsack - Delta Mountain

Tekhni Hipsack – Delta Mountain

$75.00 $59.00

Tekhni Hipsack – Delta Mountain

The perfect bag to tote everything with you, hands free! Both functional and fashionable, Hipsacks are finished by hand , with a fully-lined zip-up front pocket and SlingRing-waist closure. One size fits most, with a generous tail.



Tekhni Wrap – Petradi Heather Size 6

$245.00 $194.99

Tekhni Woven Wrap -Petradi Heather

Blend: 100% mercerized cotton
Weight: approx 230 gsm
Introducing our newest line, Petradi is a thin, lightweight option for the upcoming warm weather. It is moldable, breathable with a nice amount of stretch, offering A sophisticated geometric piece that matches form and function, Petradi is easy to wrap and easy to wear.
The Heather colorway is a delicate combination of a warm grey mercerized cotton warp and rosy lavender mercerized cotton weft.



Tekhni Woven Wrap - Thalia Flame

Tekhni Wrap – Thalia Flame Size 4

$220.00 $169.99

Tekhni Woven Wrap – Thalia Flame

100% mercerized cotton
weight approx 245gsm

Feeling thinner in hand than how it wears, Thalia is easy to manipulate, easy to wrap, easy to wear. Thalia is densely woven and solidly supportive, proving you don’t need heavy bulk to acheive wrapping comfort.
The Flame colorway is a mix of pumpkin and deep wine, and can be worn either side out for very different looks.