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Coastbaby.com originated on the beautiful British Columbia coast in my wonderful, chaotic home. I’m Kristina, mom to an adorable and charismatic little soul named Jake, a project manager, wife, reality TV junkie, dog lover, and a parenting product enthusiast.

| Inspiration |

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I immediately delved into the sea of baby necessities and, backed by my overactive credit card, worked my way down the list of baby essentials. Once my son was born I very quickly realized that he had everything he needed (…and then some) but what I had not thought about was what I needed, products to help simplify caring for this highly demanding and high volume little person. Outings were disastrous, he cried a lot, he barely slept, I was terrified to leave the house. After countless hours of Google searches seeking advice from others. I purchased my first baby carrier, a stretchy wrap, and everything changed. I was able to get things done around the house, and more importantly I could wear him and he would stop screaming! It was a revelation, and since then I have wanted to share these products with other mothers and mothers-to-be. I was instantly struck by the limited availability of these fantastic products, and so the seed for Coastbaby was planted.

The name Coastbaby is inspired by each of my family members’ home towns. St. John’s Newfoundland, Perth Australia, and Vancouver British Columbia… we like to keep it coastal.

| Aspiration |

The baby products industry is a constantly changing landscape of trends and moving parts. It is easy to get paralyzed by the sheer number of options there are out there. With Coastbaby, I aim to offer products at varied price points that will give new mothers the confidence to strut without stress and more seasoned mothers renewed excitement at carrying out the daily grind alongside their little ones.

– Kristina